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Coop Cercle Carré – Life of a roof

Co-director / Editing: Paul Neudorf
Year: 2014
Genre: Promo
Videographers: Jessica Dymond, Justin Bromberg; Titles: Richard Clement-Tam, Sound mix: Gordon Neil Allen; Music: Music for Money, Camille Saint-Saëns, Gabriel Dharmoo

Soutenez le toit vert de notre coop d’artistes! | Help green the roof of our artist coop! Notre coop d’artistes et de travailleurs culturels, la Coopérative d’habitation Cercle Carré, située dans la Cité Multimédia à Montréal, aimerait transformer son toit en espace vert communautaire. /// Our artist coop, Coop Cercle Carré, would like to transform its roof into a green community space.


Midsummer Ball Scholarship Video

Editor, Online Editor: Paul Neudorf.
Year: 2011 | Duration: 2:15
Genre: Promo
The Banff Centre

The 2011 Midsummer Ball Scholarship Video was made for the 2011 Midsummer Ball at The Banff Centre which raises money for the artist scholarship fund. Artists and work-studies highlight the fact that they would not be able to come to the centre without these funds.


Intro Video – 2010/2011 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

Editor: Paul Neudorf
Year: 2010 | Duration: 7:30
Genre: PROMO
Producer: Woody MacPhail | Visual Effects: Tamisha Harris | Animation (ProBar ad): Price Morgan

A short video highlighting the roster of films that screened at the 2010 Banff Mountain Film Festival. It opened the festival, screened at each festival program, has over 100,000 hits on YouTube, and has been touring with the 2010/2011 World Tour.


Boulder Pavement: Choreographer Kevin O’Day’s Face to Face

Editor: Paul Neudorf
Year: 2011 | Duration: 4 videos, varying lengths

Publisher:The Banff Centre Press | Boulder Pavement Editor: Steven Ross Smith | Videographer: Craig Hall
Genre: PROMO

The Banff Centre’s literary arts web zine Boulder Pavement: Arts & Ideas vol. 3: 4 part video series on choreographer Kevin O’Day’s Face to Face


Ensemble contemporain de Montréal

Editor: Paul Neudorf
Year: 2009 - Present | Duration: Various
Genre: PROMO

Series of promotional videos of new music concerts for the website of Ensemble contemporain de Montréal.


Superwoman in the Making

Director: Anita Abbasi | Singer, Songwriter: Amanda Mabro
Editor: Paul Neudorf
Year: 2007 | Duration: 4:20

Music video for cabaret pop-noir singer Amanda Mabro that reveals the strength of independent women. The video features a diverse group of women, and shows what is possible when you believe in yourself.


What’s Your Pleasure?

Co-director, Editor: Paul Neudorf | Co-director: Rick Coluccio
Year: 2007 | Duration: 1:20

Singer, Songwriter: Amanda Mabro

Trailer for a music video for cabaret pop-noir singer Amanda Mabro. The video launched Mabro’s new CD ‘Red Rows’ and explores our vices and pleasures.


Gaps: InShadow dance film collaboration

Video collaboration between: Ana Calhandro, Mariana Bartolo, Paul Neudorf
Rita Paz, Sandra Cachaco, Sergio Puita, Sophie Coquelin

Short video created during dance film workshop faciliated by Sergio Cruz in Lisbon, Portugal – December 2010.


Marc + David wedding projection

Editor, Director of Photography: Paul Neudorf Year: 2010 | Duration: 14:00 looped Genre: Other

Short wedding projection looped for Marc + David’s wedding September 2010. Please note there is no sound.