francais (bientôt)

On-street cycling infrastructure in TO and Montreal

Editor, Creative Director: Paul Neudorf
Director and Creator: Ryan Anders Whitney
Videographer: Clark Ferguson
Music by Montag
Year: 2013 | Duration: 5:00
Genre: Promo

This video explores the history of, differences in and future of on-street cycling infrastructure in the downtown cores of Canada’s two most populous cities: Toronto and Montreal. Released in July 2013.


National Geographic’s Extreme Expeditions

2nd Editor / Assistant Editor: Paul Neudorf. Principal Editor: Heather Silverman
Year: 2011 | Duration: 1 hour
Executive Producers: Tracy Whittaker, Woody MacPhail

Extreme Expeditions is about 6 adventurers whose extreme expedition films have screened at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Showcased are climbers, B.A.S.E. jumpers, snowboarders, kayakers, cavers, and the host of the show Will Gadd, who climbed icebergs.


On the male side of middle

Writer, Director, Editor: Paul Neudorf
Year: 2011 | Duration: 12:00

Music Director, Original Music: Gabriel Dharmoo | Sound engineers: Dominika Kotarba & Gordon Neil Allen | Visual Effects: Sasha Stanojevic

A story of love, honesty and integrity, this film about female-to-male transgender Mennonite Calvin Neufeld shows how strong a family can be when they love, care and listen to each other.


Tales From the Deep

Director: Clark Ferguson
Editors: Paul Neudorf, Clark Ferguson
Year: 2011 | Duration: 19:15

A short film about the ancient inland sea of the Canadian prairie and its connection to the disappearances of various old men in the small Saskatchewan town of Vanscoy. Main themes are loneliness, solitude and the cultural erosion of the emptying small towns of the vast prairie.


All Ah We

Writer, Director: Karen Chapman | Editor: Paul Neudorf
Year: 2011 | Duration: 10:30

A young filmmaker explores her cultural identity through her experiences participating in Canada’s only remaining Centennial Project – the Caribana Parade.



Writer, Director: Paramita Nath
Editor: Paul Neudorf
Year: 2011 | Duration 11:00

A short experimental documentary by Paramita Nath looking at the contradiction between goddess worship and violence against women in India. Soon to be released.



Writer, Director, Editor: Paul Neudorf
Year: 2011 | Duration: 13:00

Music Director, Original Music: Gabriel Dharmoo | Soprano: Elizabeth Lima | Tenor & Cello: Gabriel Dharmoo | Piano: Jacynthe Riverin | Visual Effects: Sasha Stanojevic

In-Between is a story about Carrie Fry-Miller, a Church of the Brethren lesbian who lost her ministry license when she came out. Since this painful process, she has been questioning her place in the church.